Provence Beauty is a skincare company that sells natural and vegan skincare products. Offering a wide range of products including facial oil, facial serum, face mist, hair oil, bath salts, etc. Provence Beauty’s clients include World Market, TjMaxx, Homegoods, Macy’s Backstage, and more.


Founder: Jeremy Abesera

Marketing & Web Development: Diego Kim

Designer: Maggie Wang

My Role

Graphic & Packaging Designer


Expand Provence Beauty’s signature skincare line with the addition of a Vitamin Boost Night Oil. 


Market Research

While developing the Vitamin Boost Night Oil, I started by doing market research. My goal was to find current trends on the market, as well as find and compare competitors size and pricing.



A trend I was drawn to during my research was the blue bottles because to me it can easily resemble a night sky.

Price: $55 - 0.5 oz

Colored Bottles

A trend I found, similar to the Acure night oil, was very clean and minimal graphics.


These packages focus on the most important information and use unique bottles or caps to grab attention.

Price: $9.79 - 1 oz


Simple yet unique

Icons and Phrasing

On this package, I was drawn to the wording “ Overnight Detox Oil,” to me that is a memorable way to explain what the product does.


I also like the use of a moon icon; it tells customers right away that this product is used at night.

Price: $50 - 1 oz



When looking at trends, I found it common to enlarge the key words that make a product stand out against competitors.


Using this design style to tell customers about key ingredients and what the product does.

Price: $9.99 - 1 oz


Showcase the ingredients

Key Insights

Marketing Words: Words on the label should be unique and meaningful. It is important to point out some of the key ingredients on the label to grab attention and differentiate our product from the competition.

Layout: Labels should be easy to read and only include important information. The use of icons to increase clarity is recommended.

Detail: Focus on the details, whether it is the color or shape of the bottle. Every little aspect can add clarity and be the reason a customer chooses our product over competitors.



Name: Kate Jensen

Occupation: Flight Attendant

Age: 26

Salary: 41,000/yr

Status: Single

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Character: Very Outgoing



•Kate flies regularly, which causes her to have dry skin and acne.

•Kate only buys all natural products that are not tested on animals.

•Kate has a hard time finding affordable all natural products.

•Kate is saving up for college, so she can’t spend a lot on skincare.

•Kate uses a lot of products in her skin care routine and is looking to reduce the number of products she needs to bring with her on flights.




Develop a product that combines multiple skincare steps into one.

•Produce all natural skincare at an affordable price.

•Developing a product that can combat her dry skin as well as her acne.


Putting it all together

Ideation Page.jpg

Once I had a clear goal of what I was trying to achieve, as well as an understanding of the trends currently going on in the market, I started ideating. During this step, it was important for me to get all my idea's out so I would have a range of designs to show the clients.



Ideation Page.jpg



P 104-14 C

Type - Future

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn

Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz


Polypropylene white with

gloss protection.


Final Design

After going through multiple ideation rounds with buyers to finalize designs, this is the final design we sent into production.


Once the designs were finalized, I was also in charge of making the final dieline for the products. This included working with the printer to get press proofs made to make sure the final products came out correctly.


Online Store

After the initial success of this product, our company opened its online store. As the designer on the team, I was in charge of developing the digital marketing that would be presented sitewide. This included producing banners, hero images, context images as well as photographing and editing the products.

Banner in laptop.png


Social Marketing Campaign

While developing our digital marketing campaign I was also asked to create marketing material for social media and our email newsletters. It was important for us as a company to promote the natural elements that made up our products as well as inform our customers of upcoming deals and discounts. 


As a small company with a minimal marketing budget, I ran into a problem of not being able to take high-quality pictures of our products for the campaigns. This was solved by taking those photographs into photoshop and overhauling them to increase quality.

Email Blast.png


Vitamin Boost Night Oil is now one of the best selling products at Provence Beauty. When we first launched this product, the average order size was around 1,000 units per client. A year later, clients have reordered multiple times, and the average size has grown to approximately 6,000 units per client. Some of our biggest clients include TjMaxx, Homegoods, and Macy’s Backstage.


Coming into Provence Beauty, I was not as experienced working side by side with a production level printing team. I learned how to develop die-lines as well as tech packs to industry standard. I had the opportunity not only to design for Provence Beauty but to work with multiple clients to design based off their needs.


I also learned the challenges that come with developing a marketing campaign and how to better work through them in the future. Going through this project has strengthened my ability to work under pressure as well as made me a faster and more focused designer.